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Age: 17 years old
Country: CHILE
forever favorite group: SHINee
Bias: Onew Love U Lee Jin Ki!!
viva chile, apoyando a todas las fans de latino america y deseando de que mas grupos vengan a chile!!! <3
si eres una fan chilena te seguire!!
y si alguien es de conce hablemos mas seguido, la verdad intento formar un grupo de covers si estas interesado(a) mandame una
I LOVE: SHINee --EXO--MISS A-- U-KISS --SUJU --T- ara --f(x) -- KARA -- BIG BANG -- B.A.P & more
things i like: all about K-pop & Korea
i totally love candys, shortfilms, Tumblr, Films,etc

first of all is hard emotionally talking because you start thinking 

" Why can’t i live in korea"

"i Don’t understand what are they saying"

"where are the subs…I Need subs…….fuck this shit i’m going to see them without any subs"

"Why can’t they come here"

"Come Here!!!….plz"

"OmG there’s a new pictures of them……awwww<3" 

all of this things happens to me as an international kpoper and actually idk if this happens to everyone else or is it just me? Idk~~

AND tbh is giving me headaches for being hours on the computer…..well i regret nothing about the Last comment